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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

This winter has been mild compared to years past. A mild winter still means that our houses take a beating.  So, before more rain comes, here are three steps to prevent damage to your home this spring:

Air conditioner maintenance

Make sure to have your air conditioner unit inspected by a licensed HVAC technician. This will keep your air conditioner running well over the hot summer. If you have a swamp cooler, make sure to clean out the drain pan to clear sediment. Check pads, pumps, filters and drain pan every month to make sure that the swamp cooler is well maintained. 

Walk around your home

Take a walk around your home to look for damage that may have happened over the winter. Look at the roof to make sure there are no missing shingles or other damage. Check the gutters to see that they are visibly attached to the roof and that down spouts are still connected. Prune trees and shrubs away from the home. Avoid standing water in your yard or by the foundation of the home. Standing water from rain can cause damage in the home.

 Lawn Tools

Take the time now to inspect your lawn mower, edger and weed eater. They will be in use all summer, so show them some love before the hard work starts. Get hoses ready and make sure to close all master valves on secondary water lines. This will prevent water damage in your home when the secondary water turns on. 

We hope these few steps will help prevent damage to your home this spring. If you do forget and have some damage don't hesitate to call Advanced Restoration. We are here to "Build You Up!". 

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