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Friday, August 15, 2008

Advanced Restoration supports your community

Advanced Restoration believes in buying local first. As members of a community we should support the businesses that keep our neighborhoods thriving. Locally owned businesses preserve local character, prosperity, and have a key role in long term low prices. Business owners are usually more willing to contribute to their communities in a way that big chains can’t. As a locally owned Utah business Advanced Restoration has supported our local communities, we are proud supporters of Shriners Children’s Hospital, Primary Children’s Hospital, local high school sports teams, Christmas Box House, and youth reading programs.

Advanced Restoration serves Utah communities by helping people rebuild their homes and businesses after a disaster. By contracting and employing local trade professionals we are also contributing to the local economy.

Local businesses create more jobs locally than chains and in most sectors provide better wages and benefits. In the long run with the competition of small businesses prices decrease and cities stay viable, walk able, livable places that help to decrease sprawl and energy prices. They offer more diverse products and services.
Advanced Restoration encourages you to use local businesses in your area

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