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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Jasen Ah You, our production manager and John Hunter, one of our estimator were both involved in coaching the University of Utah football team to a 12-0 season in 2008, and are helping to keep the winning streak going all the way to New Orleans. The Running Utes (ranked 7th in BCS standings) are set to face off against Alabama’s Crimson Tide (ranked 4th in BCS standings) on January 2nd. This will be a tough game for Utah and everyone (yah, even our BYU alum) are rooting for Utah and a perfect 13-0 season

This is the second BCS bowl game the University of Utah has been invited to in the last four years. In 2005 Utah beat Pittsburg 35-7. It was an amazing win for Utah, especially because they were the first non BCS team to make it to a BCS bowl game, and now the first team to do so twice.

Alabama is making their thirteenth trip to the sugar bowl. The last of which was in 1993 when they beat Miami for the BCS championship title. Alabama is favored to win, with a ten point lead over Utah. Utah will not go down so easily, however, they are in this game to win. Currently Utah holds the longest winning streak in the nation with 13 wins and has won the last six of their bowl games.

Just this week Andre Smith, Alabama’s offensive tackle was suspended and will not be playing against Utah. This is good news for The Utes; Smith is a superstar for Alabama’s offensive line. Smith was suspended from the team due to a violation of team rules.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Building You Up

An igloo appeared on the front of this year’s Christmas card from Advanced Restoration. Here is a little history on igloos: The word igloo is an Inuit word for house or dwelling. Igloos are ingenious buildings that can save lives. Did you know a well-built igloo can get as warm as 61 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures as low as -40 degrees outside? The inside of an igloo can trap warmth by body heat which will increase temperature.

Ice crystals interlock as the snow is cut into blocks. A strong igloo can hold the weight of a man standing on top of it. Some lamps are used in igloos which cause the snow to melt a little, which actually strengthens the igloo from the inside. Igloos are constructed by forming a circle the size you would like your igloo to be. Then well-cut blocks are carved from the middle and placed around the edge of the circle. A portion of a few of the blocks are then shaved down to the ground on the first circle so the remaining blocks stack in an ascending order. This is how the igloo is eventually closed at the top. A hole is cut in the side and in the roof to allow for air circulation.

Some igloos were constructed for temporary overnight shelter for hunting trips, and others were constructed for longer stays and included up to five rooms and housed up to twenty people. Advanced Restoration takes the same pride in rebuilding your home. Building You Up is never far from our minds. Please have a safe and happy holiday season!

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