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Monday, May 4, 2009

Kite Fastival Review

On the beautiful and slightly breezy day of April 18, 2009 in southern Utah, Advanced Restoration was part of the 10th Annual Dixie Escalante Kite Festival. In the early morning hours the tents for food, vendors and information went up along with the stage and many bounce houses and toys for the whole family to enjoy. The 28,000 people were planned to arrive starting at 10am. They had four school buses to shuttle the people from parking to the grass. All day long people came to enjoy the sun, entertainment and most of all the wind (when it decided to blow). Several times throughout the day we got some big gusts and kites scattered the air. Every picture I took did not do it justice, but it was beautiful to see all the kites in the sky.

There were many from the insurance industry volunteering and attending the event. Our friends from Main Street Insurance, Lenee Clark organized the entertainment and Jaron Hunt from Hunt Leavitt Insurance is the Chairman elect. We had many past customers come by and thank us for the wonderful work we did for them during their disaster. Overall the day was a big success. There was entertainment, food and kites all day. When the evening came The Cadillacs sang on stage and it ended with a beautiful display of fireworks. This is an event you won’t want to miss next year.

Hurricane Business Expo

Saturday, April 25, 2009, Advanced Restoration had a booth at the Hurricane Business Expo. They had several hundred people show up to see businesses in the area. Mark Drawe from the Hurricane State Farm office had a wonderful display. Gene Gallia from Allstate is one of Hurricane’s Chamber Twisters and came to visit us at our booth. We also saw Tracy Lessar from Bringhurst-Leavitt. We had a great opportunity to meet many of the residents and show off the FLIR camera. All were impressed with the technology. Several of our past clients came to our booth and said they would be glad to recommend us but hope we don’t have to see them again unless it is a party like the Hurricane Expo.

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