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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Ethics Count CE Class}

Advanced Restoration hosted a free CE class for insurance agents last week. The topic:
Ethics Count

This class had an interesting "twist" with a legos game. The object of the game was to put the legos together to form the vehicle with the directions provided. However, the twist was that one person was reading the directions and explaining what to do without touching the pieces, while the other was blind folded and had to listen to the directions from their partner.
 Frustrations were high with some, while others finished with ease.

 The temptation to "help" was constant, but all participants remained honest.
Deon Hahn taught the class that although "helping" wouldn't be the end of the world (it would surely make the job get done quicker and easier) it was still wrong. Ethics in today's society are growing more and more scarse. It's important to keep making honest decisions in our industry.

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