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Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Tour of Utah}

The Tour of Utah and the Echelon Project are proud to present four days of exciting kids events, known as the teamgive Pedal Power Festival. All events are free to the public.

•Children can bring their bikes, ride a safety course and learn the rules of the road.

•They will learn about street signs, bicycle hand signals and general bike safety!

•Professional BMX riders will do amazing tricks on a BMX ramp.

•Children will feel like pros as they compete in a relay specially designed for little ones.

•Kids can decorate their own banana racer and participate in the Tour of the Banana! Bananas are then raced down a track. Picture a Pinewood Derby with bananas!

•Kids can also get their face painted or a temporary tattoo.

•The Utah Jazz Bear and Salt Lake Bees mascot, Bumble, will be on hand to encourage the kids along and help hand out medals and take photos.

Advanced Restoration is proud to be a part of the Utah community.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

{Air Conditioner Maintenance}

This has been an unusually warm summer for Utah. There are so many luxuries we have that we don't even think about, like our Air Conditioning. 
Whether it's a swamp cooler, air conditioner, or other way of cooling down the house there are maintenance requirements for all of them.

Make sure you're taking the proper steps to ensure your cooler lasts and performs to its best abilities. If you have any questions or concerns about yours, feel free to call us anytime. 

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