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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools !!

Every year that time comes around again.  Jokes, pranks and laughter all accompany April 1st, or as we all know it April Fools.  Every year I  try and remember April Fools so that I can play some great pranks on my friends, but every year it seems to slip my mind.  Some people take this as the best possible day and play as many pranks as possible, other like me are usually the ones on the receiving end of the pranks.  Whatever end of the joke you may be on, this tradition has been around and is definitely here to stay.  Some pranks are better than others, but they always get a reaction out of everyone, good or bad.  We hope you didn't have a horrible experience this year, and remember to keep the fun going.

Check out these lists to see some of the best pranks we've seen.

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