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Monday, July 21, 2008

The latest in continuing education

Many of you may have questions about whether or not you are able to retake a CE course, even after the two year renewal period. According to NAIC rules, a producer is allowed to repeat a course number, but they cannot take it more than one time per renewal period, nor can they receive credit for a second time. They can however repeat a class each renewal period and count it for credit, if they so choose.

The current rule R590-142 says otherwise, but that rule is currently under major re-construction. Until it's formally in place, the NAIC is allowing us to follow what is currently accepted, which is to allow for repeat courses.

At Advanced Restoration, we offer 11 continuing education courses, including our newest course on ethics, called Ethics Count! Look for this class in our online monthly newsletter. To sign up for our e-newsletter and to get up-to-date information about our CE classes, Please email: Kristin

If you have questions about the courses you've previously taken, Sircon will give you a list of all your continuing education credits.

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