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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Advanced Restoration is here to not only help restore the quality of your home, but to build the quality of your life. With the real estate market declining in Utah as well as nationwide, many people are forgoing selling their home and are thinking about remodeling instead. Remodeling could be in your best interest because of the money you may be able to save and potentially invest.

Every situation is different and every one needs special attention. For instance, maybe you don’t feel your house is big enough to accommodate your growing family but you have great neighbors or your child’s school is excellent. When remodeling you have the control over the features and style you want, without the hassle of moving. Rarely do you find a home that is perfect the way it is, but with you making the decisions it can be. Ultimately, the cost and time spent selling and fixing up a home can be just as much as a renovation. With the right additions and changes, remodeling can increase your selling price if you do decide to move.

When you remodel with the intention to sell in the near future, keep your changes simple and reasonable. Stay with classic looks and don’t go for the style of the moment. Often homeowners will go overboard with changes that become turn offs for potential buyers. The shag carpet in the 70’s and today’s over-the-top bathrooms with giant Jacuzzi tubs might fit into this category.
Also keep in mind the value and style of your neighbors’ homes. The buyers looking in your neighborhood may or may not appreciate your efforts. They might not know the difference between granite counter tops and Formica.

Advanced Restoration is fully equipped to assist you in any remodel needs, from the simplest project to home expansion. You spend so much time in your home, so make it relaxing and a place you can enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Silent Storm

After a fire, your home can be consumed by the smell of smoke. It can be unbearable to live with and to make matters worse, it is absorbed by any surface, including walls and furniture. Ozone is a safe chemical-free deodorizing process that will remove any smell; from smoke to pet odors. At Advanced Restoration, we use this gentle deodorizing process to restore your home and its contents back to the great smell free items they were.

The earth’s natural ozone layer is produced through the interaction of solar energy and oxygen in the atmosphere, such as lightning and thunderstorms. This natural occurrence in our atmosphere has been duplicated in a form that allows us to create ozone whenever and wherever. This process uses a discharging phenomenon that occurs between two electrodes when high voltage is applied. Dielectric materials, such as glass are applied between the electrodes, resulting in the current not passing between the electrodes. And unlike thunder and lightning, there is no intense light or loud thunder.

Ozone is composed of three atoms of oxygen; the third oxygen atom in ozone is unstable and wants to react with an organic material, such as an odor-causing carbon molecule. When the third oxygen atom breaks off from the other two oxygen atoms, they simply turn into oxygen and the third atom becomes a powerful oxidizer that breaks down odor molecules and converts them into water vapor and carbon dioxide, without leaving a perfume or residue.

The process takes up to eight hours but eliminates the odor for good. It is important to note that ozone is hazardous to breathe. If this process is used in your home, you and your pets should not be present until the ozone process has been complete. This process can even be used in your car to remove cigar and cigarette smells. Though large amounts of ozone are not good to inhale, it is by far safer to use than a chemical process that leaves lingering residue.


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