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Monday, July 23, 2012

{Fire Investigation}

Herriman, Utah

1 Car 
4 Homes Burned to the Ground
950 Homes Evacuated
669 Acres Burned (approximately)

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Advanced Restoration held a Continuing Education Class in our facility last week to discuss and educate on exactly this issue. Fire Investigation

A Unified Fire Authority Fire Marshall taught the class, as a professional in the field. There is an entire science behind fires and how they "work," this is the type of knowledge that the Fire Investigators use in order to determine the origin, cause and damage of a fire. 

Once the investigation is over and the insurance company moves forward, that's where we come in to help Build You Up.
 Repairing your house is one thing, but putting the memories and cherished items back together makes it a home again. 

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