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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It’s easy to spruce up your home and make it look like it just had a million-dollar makeover. All you need are a few key design elements and some elbow grease.

If you have a favorite chair but its fabric/pattern is out of date, take it over to your favorite upholsterer and update your chair with your favorite fabric. Add a unique and vibrant throw for those cozy stay at home nights, and you have a new focal point of your room. Adding a new area rug can really change the dynamics of your room. Wool and Persian rugs are timeless and, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Update your wall paint; 2009 is all about bold combinations. Mix soft floral colors with a bright or dark color to enhance the architectural design of your room.
Art says a lot about you and adds a personal feel to your home. If your budget is tight, look at your local galleries and the up and coming artist. New artists are usually the most affordable. If nothing catches your eye, have your vacation and family photos transferred to canvas and mount them on your wall unframed.

The easiest way to change the style of a room is adding a bold crystal vase left alone or filled with your favorite flower. This makes a statement and everyone will admire it. Add some life into your living space by including fresh flowers or a unique topiary on your table to add color and softness.
Lighten up the area with a table or standing lamp. Lighting is essential to your space. The best lighting is natural light, so keep your blinds open and your windows clean.

Keep organized! Don’t feel bad throwing away anything you don’t like even if it was a gift. Don’t keep old newspapers or magazines around, they just create clutter. If it’s broken and too expensive to fix, chuck it! Keeping your home clutter free will make every day living enjoyable.

Now is the time for your personal style to show. Don’t hold back - make your home the place you want it to be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer cash savers!!

It is now easier than ever to save some COLD hard cash this summer. Cooling your home in the summer can be pretty expensive and a major energy sucker. Here are some ways to cut back but still cool off.

1. Set your air conditioner thermostat as high as is comfortable (78 degrees or higher is recommended for the summer and 65 degrees in the winter) the higher the setting in the summer and the lower the setting in the winter, the more energy you will save.

2. Don’t cool the outdoors. Keep your windows and window coverings closed during the day when the sun is shining. Make sure if you have a fire place you keep the damper closed. If allowed, it will let out eight percent of you air.

3. Switch to fluorescent light bulbs in fixtures that are used the most. They use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer. If you’re not going to be in a room for more than five minutes turn off the lights.

4. Run only full loads in the dishwasher and run it at night on hot days.

5. Wash clothes in cold water. Clean the lint filter in the clothes dryer after every use.

6. Set the temperature of your refrigerator between 37 degrees and 40 degrees.

7. Use a microwave, toaster oven or outdoor grill instead of the oven.

8. Unplug small appliances like coffee makers, toasters and TVs when not in use.

Check out for more energy saving tips.

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