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Thursday, March 21, 2013

City Creek 1st

Happy Birthday!!

This month the City Creek shopping center turns one year old.  On March 22,2012 City Creek opened its doors to the public.  One year later millions of people have passed through its doors and have made it one of Utah's premier shopping centers.  In its first year City creek has garnered many awards including  "Best Retail Development, USA" and placing top three in "Worlds Best Retail Development" at an international property awards competition.  With this new centerpice, Salt Lake city has once again brought locals and tourists alike to the downtown scene.  With hundreds of stores and beautiful architecture City Creek has attracted people from all over Utah to go and spend time within its grounds.
In its first year, City Creek has become a hot spot for locals and has become a center piece in the Salt Lake social life.  Good luck on your Birthday, with many more to come.

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